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My story

   Born into a spiritualist family, I brought with me my ancestors’ sensitivity, empathy, self-healing and transformation. I began my journey in my early twenties, studying and exploring different religions and ways to understand spirituality and sufferings of mankind. As a seeker of self-development and to understand myself on a deeper level (ever since), over my whole spiri
tual life journey I have experienced many challenging lessons and many fulfilling blessings.

  I reached a point of understanding that Self-Awareness is the only way to evolve, alleviate suffering and awaken into our best Self. Light is the Life Source within you and it means everything.  Even our Shadows are Light too and when we bring them to the self-consciousness awareness (conscious light)  it helps us become enlightened beings allowing us to elevate, clear & transmute our vital energy. 

   My awakening started fifteen years ago when I did my first Reiki course and I had a great process of personal transformation. So with the desire to contribute to the awakening of mankind, I launched Lumière as a journal, to spread conscious information about self-awareness, sustainability and spirituality. Nowadays Lumière has evolved into the same purpose but I am applying Lumière in a different way.


   Thus, I would like to welcome you to the Lumière, the infinite possibilities of becoming, offering you a positive change and a healthy balance for the body, mind and soul. Supporting you to find your own beauty, with truth, love, peace and freedom.

My path

French Descendent, my great grandfather launched the first Spiritism Center in Santa Catarina, Brazil. 


Graduated in Fashion Design and Styling but also graduated in the knowledge of the Laws of the Universe and in the human spiritual experience. 

Had a great spiritual awakening at 21 years old through my first Reiki Course.


Founder and Publisher of Lumière in 2011, I launched a newspaper to help the awakening of mankind through conscious information.


Vipassana Meditation in Thailand, 11 days meditating in silence, awakened journey to seek and understand what Love is in a deepest level. 


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training brought me freedom to explore the infinite possibilities of become. 


Attended to many courses and workshops about Spiritual Healing, Maori Healing, Radiesthesia and Radionics Frequencies, Massages and Body Work. 


Endless Seeker about mindful health, the power of the human mind and the ultimate spirituality.


Passionate about balance, with truth, beauty, freedom and love.

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My Approach

   Through Multidimensional Stellar Reiki, I work with energies channeled from the Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Holy Amethyst Command and Holy Emerald Command – cosmic energies from the others realms and dimensions, bringing high vibrational frequency, as well as many other beings of light that have come to help in the transmutation and elevation of Consciousness on Planet Earth. Reiki is a great portal for these beings and the sessions are totally intuitive, and I simply channel these energies for the healing to manifest itself.  

   My connection with Massage Therapy emerged from the use of Reiki, as yet another possibility of therapeutic cure through the hands. Thats why I call Massage Quantum Therapy, because the biochemistry of the body is changed. A massage is a moment where you allow yourself to relax and get in touch with your energy and feelings, and through touch, feel the transfer of energy through massage techniques so that the healing is physical, emotional or mental is made. 

  Any form of energy can be transformed. Through Quantum Radionic Chart the patient’s energy is read using dowsing graphs, and then any imbalances are corrected, transmuted and harmonised within the merkabas, or “Portals of Light”, which happens outside of time and space, according to principles of quantum physics. The patient's energies that are and shown through Radionic Charts is accurate and has comprehensive access to other dimensions, healing past and present aligning with a lighter, more fluid and balanced future.

   I would like to remind you that none of these forms of healing generate any side effects, and are not linked to any specific religion, but rather to the energetic Source of Love and Light that exists in everyone, all religions, people of different origins and beliefs. 

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