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Infused with Amethyst Crystal, Wild Orange, Lime, Peppermint & Aroha.

Feeling dull or low on energy? This essential oil blend will lift you up. Cultivates energy and clarity of mind. Really great for cleansing, clearing away any negative thoughts. Works well when you need to focus and stay on task. This oil is made for your crown chakra, connecting to your higher self, and rising on up.  


This blend roller is made with 100% therapeutic and high grade quality essential oils. All oils are adaptogenic which means they will go to your body wherever you need them most. They work at a cellular level to create healing and support from inside out. Each oil in the blends has unique properties that will offer many different healing benefits.







Weight is 40g / dimensions are 8.5 cm / 10ml roller. 


Revitalise Oil

  • Oils can be placed on wrists, behind ears, on your feet, or any pulse points that feel right to you. Use them intuitively. Take a moment for yourself, breath in the beautiful scents and trust they will be doing what you need to them to do.

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