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Infused with Rose Quartz crystals, Lavender, Vanilla, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Hawaiian Sandalwood & Aroha.


This essential oil blend is all about your heart space, and creating an inner calm. Great to use in those moments of chaos to bring your body and mind into a state of peace and relaxation. Call in love, be kind and compassionate with yourself. Perfect for bed-time and sleeping or stress, or when your heart is hurting and you need some self-love. 


This blend roller is made with 100% therapeutic and high grade quality essential oils. All oils are adaptogenic which means they will go to your body wherever you need them most. They work at a cellular level to create healing and support from inside out. Each oil in the blends has unique properties that will offer many different healing benefits.






Weight is 40g / dimensions are 8.5 cm / 10ml roller. 

Serenity Oil

  • Oils can be placed on wrists, behind ears, on your feet, or any pulse points that feel right to you. Use them intuitively. Take a moment for yourself, breath in the beautiful scents and trust they will be doing what you need to them to do.

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