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Quantum Radionic Chart

An unlimited quantum healing instrument, the Quantum Radionic Chart is based on the principles of dowsing, radionics and sacred geometry. Through the pendulum dowsing and graphs, the patient's soul frequency and energy at all levels is diagnosed in a precise way. A cleansing of karmic limitations and stagnant energies that may be preventing you from living life more fully is then done.

The goal is to put life back in the Divine Order, in accordance with the Laws of Universal Love, helping you to co-create and manifest life more easily with more fluidity, lightness and personal fulfillment.

The Quantum Radionic Charts are portals of expansion of consciousness and love and work within the realm of Beings of Light of the highest frequencies that carry out the entire healing process in a pure and true way.


  • Radiesthesia: capture of energy and revelations of the unconscious;

  • Radionics: diagnosis of the frequency of vital energy and electromagnetic fields;

  • Psychotronics: channeling universal energy;

  • Spirituality: connection with the universe and the Divine Self as an alternative healing tool.


  • Cleasing and harmonization of current energy vibrations that may involve affective, professional, material, health and spiritual life;

  • Disintegrate various causes, traumas and emotional, mental and spiritual disorders;

  • Awakening and enhancing healing processes, expand awareness;

  • Harmonizig professional, family, affective, social relationships, etc;

  • Transmute mental patterns and behaviors, traumas, fears, anxiety, depression, etc;

  • Transmute blockages whether conscious or unconscious coming from this life, from past lives, or heredity, investigating and analyzing all visible and invisible energies;

  • Awakening self-knowledge, self-esteem and emotional intelligence.



Sessions are held remotely and last one hour. For the treatment to be carried out, the patient must send their full name, date of birth, city and the question to be analysed or the purpose of the treatment. It is not necessary for the patient to stop theirs activities when the treatment is done, but it is important to connect and, if possible, be in a state of relaxation.

At the end of the session, the therapist will send an audio report about the result of the Quantum Radionic Charts and all the treatment carried out.

As soon as the treatment starts, the patient begins to receive the new frequencies and energies. The time for assimilation and reintegration of the new frequency treated in the Radionic Table varies from person to person, and it may take a few days, weeks or even a month, respecting each one's time. In the first month all disharmonies and imbalances found are removed, in the second month the seeds of divine order begin to be planted and from then on the patient begins to feel a lighter and more fluid life. Radionic Charts can be done once a month if desired. The therapist will also be able to indicate if there is a need to do more than one treatment and the time between them, based on the response of the pendulum.

Quantum Radionic Tables Session  -  $ 125

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