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Valentine's Day
Couples Massage  

Bring someone you love and treat yourselves in a relaxing loving massage experience! 

This special is happening only Fridays with Vivian and Irene, massage therapists.


Fridays: 2nd, 9th and 16th of February.

60 min. Couples Massage -  $180

90 min. Couples Massage  -  $250

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Book Quantum Massage
and GET 15MIN of Energy Healing

Book any Quantum Therapeutic Massage, either Deep Tissue or Relaxation and get 15 min of Multidimensional Heart Chakra Opening Energy Healing. 

The heart needs love and care just as much as the body and mind do. Stress of daily life and negative emotions can block de Heart Chakra and can have devastating effects on the cardiovascular system and the entire main center of your energetic body field, your HEART. 

ACTIVATING positive emotions such peace, love, contentment, excitement can be incredibly nurturing for the heart and keep the frequency of your health high, preventing depression, anxiety and low energy.

75 min. Quantum Massage -  $120

100 min. Quantum Massage  -  $145

120 min. Quantum Massage + Reiki Healing- $180

Gift Card Lumière

Illuminate someone's life with a beautiful treatment from Lumière. Specials dates, birthdays, anniversaries or simply treat someone you love with a massage or energy healing with Vivian. It comes with a stunning gold envelope. 


Spread the light and love into the world! 

Contact Vivian to buy it or Redefined Wellbeing Hub.

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