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Multidimensional Stellar Reiki

The goal of the Multidimensional Stellar Reiki is to restore vital energy and generate energy balance by cleasing negative emotional and mental patterns, renewing DNA, unlocking, activating and expanding all chakras in the energetic quantum field, as such physical, emotional, mental and spiritual the bodie's. 


The sessions are purely intuitive and the healing technology of the Pleiadian Beings in the Order of the Ashtar Sheran Command is channeled. It can awaken a deep inner healing, renew the DNA and transmute negative energy patterns to the highest frequencies of love, light and full balance in the patient quantum energetic field. Thus contributing to the acceleration and self-awareness expansion in a natural way, acting on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is also use crystals for energy expansion.



The vibrational energy present in all beings vibrates at a certain frequency. Positive emotions and mental patterns vibrate at the highest frequencies of love and peace, while negative patterns generate energy that vibrates at lower frequencies that can generate imbalances. Anxiety, stress, depression, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, among others, for example, are emotions that can be treated and transmuted through Multidimensional Stellar Reiki so that the patient can more easily access their inner natural essence of love, inner peace and contentment.

- Chakras alignment and balancing.

- Unlocking, Activation and Expansion the all chakras

- Cleansing blockages and traumas in the energetic body field.

- Activation of love, peace and contentamnet. 

60 min. Stellar Reiki  -  $ 120

120 min. Quantum Massage + Multidimensional Energy Healing - $180

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