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Monat Skincare, The face of modern nature

Connecting the natural power of revitalising botanical oils, nutrient-rich exotic fruits, plant-based stem cells and a rejuvenating exclusive peptide, MONAT offers the most advanced approach to anti-ageing skincare available today.


Clinically tested and approved by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, MONAT Skincare products are naturally based, vegan, and cruelty-free. So not only you can enjoy confidence in your skin, but also in the knowledge that you're using safe and safely developed products. 


You will be pampered with a deep relaxing Facial Massage Treatment with MONAT Skincare, which includes double cleanse, exfoliation, toning, mask, face massage, serum and moisturizer applied on the decollate, arms, hands and head massage. 


Facial Treatments are not only a beauty treatment for your skin, but it is a beautiful connection with your body, mind and soul. It is a surrender to open the heart, calm the mind and then shine through the skin from the inside out. 


BE GENTLE System – for dry and sensitive skin.
BE BALANCE System – for normal/combination skin.
BE PURIFIED System – for oily skin types.

Benefits of Facial Treatments:


  • Stimulates blood flow and circulation, cleansing and shifting toxins away.

  • Reduces puffiness and inflammation, massaging the face gently helps with lymphatic drainage.

  • Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage helps to keep the skin youthful and firm. 

  • Stimulating the face muscles with regular massage helps to bring oxygen to that area which is a natural form of anti-aging skin care in itself. 

  • More blood flow to the area increases collagen production, which gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion.

  • Facial Treatments MONAT- $149-  75min.

  • 30min of Mini Facial + 60 min of Massage- $160 - 90 min

ADD ON- Rejuvenique Oil for scalp and face massage. The crown jewel of true opulence. $30 BOOK NOW

This multipurpose oil combines a proprietary blend of 13+ naturally derived plant and essential oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients that enhance the healthy look of hair and skin and may help to reduce the signs of ageing.

MONAT sourced the world seeking to find the most exquisite oils that would help balance, rejuvenate and benefit the hair and skin. Abyssinian oil was the first ingredient selected for its remarkable rejuvenating properties.


* This addition is only valid for 60min of Facial Treatment.

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