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Deep Tissue Massage
and Quantum Treatments

Vivian Flores | Deep Tissue Massage And Quantum Treatments

     Lumière Massage and Quantum Therapy is a space to relax & unwind, helping the patient cleanse and activate the ultimate balance of the body, mind and soul.

     Our treatments includes Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, Quantum Massage with Multidimensional Reiki Healing, Jade Hot Stones, Facial Treatments and Multidimensional Stellar Reiki as a range of techniques focused on balancing and raising the frequencies of patient’s energetic body field to the highest frequencies of health.

   ‘Lumière’ means “light” in French and empowers you to reconnect with the Light Source within you.  Raising your frequency of light, by cleansing negative emotions, old patterns, stress, pain or tension which is all storage on your body, you can feel relieved and find more space for a new energy flow in the all levels of your energetic being.  The purpose is to balance your body, mind and soul to feel more love, peace, freedom, contentment & happiness.

My Treatments
My Treatments
Quantum Massage Therapy | Lumiere | Papamoa
Quantum Massage Therapy

"Quantum Massage Therapy is a mix of techniques in a combination of massage and energy healing in a quantum level of your physical, emotional and mental energetic body field. During the massage is possible to find blockages and traumas storage in the muscles and physical body and released it with the multidimensional healing technique, helping the patient transmute the body pain and old patterns to the highest frequencies of health." 

Multidimensional Massage and Quantum Healing | Lumiere | Papamoa
Multidimensional Massage and Quantum Healing

This ULTIMATE MASSAGE HEALING restores vital energy, helping the patient TRANSMUTE THE BODY PAIN and old patterns storage in the muscles and energetic body field to the HIGHEST FREQUENCIES OF HEALTH. 

Multidimensional Stellar Reiki | Lumiere | Papamoa
Multidimensional Stellar Reiki

"Restore vital energy and generate energy balance by cleaning up negative emotional and mental patterns, renewing DNA, unlocking, activating and expanding all chakras."

MONAT Facial Treatments| Lumiere | Papamoa
MONAT Facial Treatments

“You will be pampered with a deep relaxing Facial Massage Treatment with MONAT Skincare, the face of modern nature.” 

Jade Hot Stones | Lumiere | Papamoa
Jade Hot Stones

Jade is known as a great crystal healing, ancient, protective "Gem Supreme" and the "Jewel of Heaven," stone of the heart.

Jade is also a stone known for calming, relaxing the nervous system, healing stressed organs and releasing toxins. The warm temperature of the stones brings deep relaxation, produce vitality and reduce inflammation helping strengthen the body’s natural defences.




"BOOK your FIRST EXPERIENCE in Quantum Massage Therapy

for $99"

"Everything in the Universe is made up of energy vibranting at different frequencies.
Match the frequency of your desired reality and you will materialize that reality.
This is not philosophy. This is quantum physics".


“The Quantum is the relationship between all things”


The work that Vivi does respects the body, the pain and the purpose of those who receive it. In the massage, she manages to be accurate in the areas of tension and let go, bringing relaxation and well-being. In reiki, when channeling your energy, the mechanism is so strong that the body enters into deep relaxation, bringing an extreme lightness at the end. The radionic table is a tool that she uses and reports how you are feeling without you having to say anything, it brings your deepest and hidden pains, conscious or that are in your unconscious. With this, what hindered the expansion of your consciousness is unblocked and as the days go by you observe that your vision of life and your attitudes change naturally, making you feel lighter, happier and more aware of having ownership in your life. life. There are no words to describe the professionalism and delivery in what she does. Gratitude!

Paula, SC | Brasil

Get in Touch


My treatments are offered on the places below:



56 Ashley Place, Papamoa Beach

07 542 0576 or click on the link for online bookings.

Wednesdays- 2pm - 7pm

Thursdays- 10am - 7pm

Fridays- 9am - 7pm

Saturdays- 9am - 1pm


3 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui 

07 572 4994 or click on the link for online bookings.


Tuesdays - 2pm - 7pm

MOBILE MASSAGE - available upon requesting.

Feel free to connect via calling or texting, whether for bookings or treatment inquiries.  
Emails will be responded as soon as I can.

Vivian Flores, Quantum Massage Therapist

Mount Maunganui, NZ

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